Edguy are renowned for being a hell of an energetic and downright hilarious live act. While the latest album ‘Tinnitus Sanctus’ polarised many opinions, on stage there’s no doubt who the true kings of fools are.

Sadly, I had to watch With One Last Breath first.  Haircuts, metal-core/emo and annoying as piss on my cereal vocals. Having said that, they were tight musically, the instrumentation was obviously well thought out and the fact that I began to suspect the frontman’s vocals might have been auto-tuned backstage is testament to how much of a competent band unit they are, it’s just a shame that I think that style of music is about as appealing as a cowpat casserole.

Up next were US trad-metallers White Wizzard. Emphasis on the trad. This was no holds barred 1978 classic metal, from the Plant/Rodgers style vocals to the dual guitar leads, they were a very safe main support and while they didn’t bowl me over, they’re definitely worth seeing if only for Highway GTO.

And so, shortly after appeared Edguy. I maintain that their career-defining show was their headline appearance at Bloodstock Open Air in 2006, but this was bloody close.  Storming the stage with Dead or Rock, followed by Speedhoven, thus began a 90 minute assault on our ears. Tobias Sammet continues to be a fantastic frontman, charismatic and charming and looking slightly more like Jon Bon Jovi with every tour, leading the crowd through the screaming competition that led into mass singalong Lavatory Love Machine. Slightly out of place was Felix Bohnke’s drum solo, but after his kit fell apart we were rewarded with the entire band getting in on the action. There was old, new, borrowed and blue, from the sombre Save Me to the crotch-thrusting bohemia of Fuckin’ with Fire. Perhaps the greatest thing about an Edguy show is that there is never a second where nobody isn’t having fun on stage. Both Dirks and Jens Ludwig smile their way through every song, technical faults and after playing for more than an hour, finally finish the night with a left-right of Babylon and King of Fools. Having been around on the circuit for the last 14 years, it’s astonishing that Edguy are only just breaking into their 30s, and are almost like a fine wine, the main difference being they get less mature with age.  Cracking live band, Edguy should be on everyone’s ‘to see’ list.