Well, this is just precisely what the doctor ordered. A band that sounds like Venom with the vocals of Blitzkrieg. Hailing from deepest, darkest Texas the only thing that could’ve made this album any more tedious would be the staple southern twang that every muppet slapped into their sound the second Pantera got big. Well, they started out eight years earlier, so at least you can’t accuse them of plagiarism.

The album isn’t without it’s merits. The vocals do hit some pretty high notes and there is some impressive guitar work through the album, and it is admittedly refreshing to hear a proto-thrash sound that doesn’t have solos so fast that the fingertips ended up in ice packs afterwards. The nail in the coffin, however, rough occurs around the that covering He’s A Woman, She’s A Man seemed like a good idea. After that, it just goes downhill. Everything is clocking at far longer than the song needs to be, and when all the songwriting is as substandard as it is, it’s incredibly wearing. Helstar encapsulate why the metal scene needs to stay innovative and evolving; if you don’t, then you’ll end up with a whole lot of Helstar.

I’m going to be blunt, I didn’t even get through two entire spins of the album, because I don’t hate myself enough to put me through that.