Crystal Viper are a fried slice of awesome from Poland that have been steaming along since 2003 that have dived straight down the “we play massive choruses” street of power metal. Despite their previous efforts being harder to get hold of than pieces of the True Cross, Legends will hopefully be available to more than just those who are blessed by the Divine Rapture.

The album art of a werewolf-type Grim Reaper sort riding a horse in front of a castle wielding a scythe should really give them game away to most people, but just in case you’re stupid I’ll spell it out. Bring your finest LARP gear for this one, boys and girls. We’re talking heroic guitar melodies in songs that have titles like Goddess of Death and unrelenting Maiden gallops throughout. The icing on the cake is as-always, the accents that mainland Europe continually invents to sing power metal. I swear there’s a competition that native English speakers don’t know about, but with Legends, it works perfectly. Having Sydonia Bork sung any other way would be like hearing Beowulf told by a man from Kent, instead a thick Swedish accent.

With Legends, Crystal Viper have pretty much cracked the art of power metal anthem writing; get in and get out leaving our minds thoroughly blown. Only one song is over five minutes, but the gem that is Night Of The Sin barely hits four and a half.  There are no prog elements, no subtleties of virtuoso self-pleasure, just a barrage of infectious heavy metal anthems.

Legends is a great album, and it would get top marks if it came with a Polish sausage loaded with smoked cheese. As it stands, if you like giant riffs, soaring lead guitar work and rough-as-sandpaper female vocals, Crystal Viper are your band.