It’s an EP. And it’s all stuff they’ve done before, so there’s not a lot I’m going to say. The Ballad of Mary is all re-recorded old material, and includes an absolutely bananas good version of Rebellion featuring Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kursch, which is just about worth it on it’s own. If you wanted more, Doro duets on the ‘Extended Symphonic Version’ of The Ballad of Mary which isn’t too shabby either.

Inexplicably, the version of Highland Farewell features a shit ton of bag pipes and no vocals bar the chorus. It’s puzzling to say the least because we all remember how good the Gamma Ray kareoke album was. It’s even funnier when you listen closer and can just about hearing remnants of the lead vocal line. The final track, Coming Home is nothing but Grave Digger doing what they do best; monstrous riffs and huge choruses, but apply all the criticisms of Highland Farewell.

Odd, and a tad unnecessary, but it’s Grave Digger and if you don’t like it you’d probably like to spoon a Welshman.