Chrome Division’s biggest selling point is probably that Shagrath from symphonic black metallers Dimmu Borgir plays guitar. However, Chrome Division are as far removed from their epic grimness as I am from a banana sandwich. 3RKO is a dirty leather rebel of an album, and if you don’t like it, step away from the music.

Bulldogs Unleashed erupts with some disturbingly messy overdrive in the vein of some modern -core bands, but swiftly drops into some of the dirtiest, heaviest rock you’ll hear this year. While it is titanic in it’s anger, it does stand opposed from the album proper, as 7 G-Strings is almost the proper start to the album, with the distortion scaled back and hard rock hooks turned up to eleven. Chrome Division have certainly nailed down gang choruses for 3RKO, as Join The Ride delivers a wondrously cliché drinking passage before dropping into a smooth blues solo, the bends tugging at the ol’ heartstrings as the drums pound on your ribs.

3RKO  is nothing if not abrasive, boorish and completely without irony. A bunch of drunk Norwegians decided that what the world needed was a punch in the snow globes and a load of songs about screwing, drinking, fighting and then Johnny Cash impersonations. Their own take on Ghost Rider In The Sky is somewhat less haunting than the original, but they certainly do it justice. Sadly, it does sit a little juxtaposed from their originals, especially in between titles like Zombies & Monsters and Long Distance Call Girl. The former is a true highlight of the record, the huge roar of “Slay them down!” gets the pulse going like you wouldn’t believe.

3RKO is a party record in every sense of the word. True, you’ll destroy the house and set fire to the garden, but if that’s not your kind of fun, you probably need to adjust your petticoats as you’re quite obviously a flaming jessie.