Oh, joy. It’s time for another Alestorm record. Back in my tenure at Powerplay, I was *ahem* lucky enough to get Black Sails At Midnight sent to me. Yeah. You know how this is going to go, don’t you. I’ve been putting off listening to BTT for long enough now it’s been out long enough you don’t care about it so I’ll get away with writing a whole load of guff.

While good fun live, immediately Back Through Time is noticeably weaker than it’s predecessors.  The guitar tone is far too overdriven and at times the first half the album delves too easily into mediocre melo-death riff with the admittedly infectious ditties of their trademark accordion sound. The single Shipwrecked didn’t exactly do wonders for me, and by the time I’m at Midget Saw it’s starting become clear that whatever affinity I have with the band is slowly drying like a muddy puddle in the sun. The situation begins to redeem itself with Swashbuckled that draws on some of the charm the debut album had in droves, but it’s a bit late in the album to begin to impress.

After the utterly pointless Rumpelkombo, the surprisingly brilliant cover of Barrett’s Privateers bolsters up the album. However, the large portion of it seems to have been written to accompany the finale; the gloriously explosive Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid. It’s just a shame that Christopher Bowes’ vocals haven’t improved since Captain Morgan’s Revenge and the 8 minute epic suffers for it.

If you like Alestorm, ignore this review because you probably reckon I’ve got a peg leg shoved up arse that only lets shit come out of my mouth. Despite a last minute redemption, Back Through Time is somewhat of a piss take.

A very generous 4.5/10