Looking at my last couple of reviews, you’d be forgiven for thinking of gone all patchouli and poncho on you, with the amount of folk we’ve had a look at. Thankfully, Grave Digger though it was all a little much and are here to give you a massive kick in the tits.

Grave Digger have become one of those bands that, as time has gone on, they’ve sounded better and better. Their anthems are, of course, back from The Middleages Trilogy, but the way the band actually sound…is head and shoulders above anything they’ve ever done. Chris Boltendahl no longer sounds like a cat being simultaneously being neutered without anaesthetic and being fed slowly through a wood chipper. The guitars are thick, warm and meaty. The opening riff of God Of Terror takes us straight into classic Grave Digger territory; there’s no concept opera bullshit here, Clash Of The Gods is a metal titan bashing your skull in with the pounding drums and it’s roaring chorus, crying to the Gods themselves.

Even Death Angel get in on the action. The unimaginatively titled Death Angel & The Grave Digger certainly gives you a stereo beating from the Germans.

Personally, I think that Grave Digger’s vocals have gone from strength to strength as time has gone on, and CotG is no exception. And while I suspect Christ Boltendahl will never win any awards for singing, the layered harmonies in the chorus of Walls Of Sorrow certainly lay more evidence against the supposition he gargles granite for a living. For those that worry and love the ‘Digger at their best, Warrior’s Revenge is a straight up, no holds-barred thrash anthem that’ll rip your balls off.

After topping things off with the ever historical Home At Last, CotG is certainly a momentous record with a lot more light and shade than a typical German thrash album would have you believe. You should totally check it out while the band beat you to death with your own spine.