Long ago, I wandered to a far distant corner of the world, and many wondered whether I would return to set foot on the cold, barren wastes known as Yorkshire. It turns out that I did, and have since set about writing both online, and formerly for Powerplay UK. Among others, I’ve been lucky enough to talk to Udo Dirkschneider and Wednesday 13 in my fledgling career as a freelance music journalist, and scout out the new, old, good and bad from all around in the rock world.

What you’ll find here is what I spend my spare time doing. Most stuff is fairly obviously categorized;

Albums – The tasty new records I can find, I’ll give you the skinny on them as and when they arrive.

Live – Shows and festivals that I manage to get to. Expect shoddy photography.

The Memoirs is a little section named after the most horrendous jam band I’ve ever been privy to being a part of (but nevertheless led to the formation of Arctic Fury), and from time to time I’ll pop in a new story about someone I’ve met or an experience that affected me in some way or another.

The Bargain Bucket is my own special level of hell devoted to records and live performances that get below average marks. I review fairly; a score of 5 means your record is average. It’s okay, not bad. I’ll keep you out of the bucket for a 4.5, but any lower and you’re in. Think of it this way, when I got below average marks at school, my biology teacher attached McDonald’s application forms.

Upload Schedule

Because I do a couple of bits and pieces here and there, I may not always have a new article ready to go. Here is my planned upload weekly cycle.

Monday: Album Review

Tuesday: Minecraft Video

Wednesday: Album Review/Interview

Thurs: Minecraft Video

Fri: Album Review/Live Review

Sat: N/A

Sun: Occasionally a Minecraft video, but we’ll see.

Now, to the tubes! TALLY BALLY HO!

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