If there’s one thing I like it’s German sleaze. They’ve given us some great metal bands and, no doubt, videos of a particular genre that would earn me a full cavity search at customs. Kissin’ Dynamite are young, ambitious and out to prove something with their third album, Money, Sex, Power.

The title track belts out in true sleaze fashion, setting the pace for the entire album. Each track is built around a rock-hard riff and a belting chorus. The first appearance of the vocals is oddly reminiscent of something pseudo-industrial, but all trappings are dropped as the Skid Row and Ratt influences shine through on the dirty lyrics and chest-beating choruses. It’s brilliantly nostalgic, and it’s incredulous that the band weren’t even born when both of these bands were at their peak.

Operation Supernova is sing-along that Europe would be proud of, complete with a hands in the air chorus and football terrace chanting. As the album progresses, it becomes clear that Kissin’ Dynamite draw influence from a specific period of the hair/sleaze movement; the notorious third wave of the late 80s. Thankfully, they know the wheat from the chaff and there’s not a whiff of Britny Fox in site. The half ballad Club 27, the infamous age which all rockstars seem to die and Dinosaurs Are Still Alive are fitting tributes to their influences, as if the teenage years spent listening to nothing bar Accept’s Balls To The Wall didn’t shine through enough.

After closing with the acoustic swing of Six Feet Under, it’s easy to see why Kissin’ Dynamite are billed as the best new German band since Edguy. Money, Sex, Power very much exudes their age, with some riffs being a little simple for a band of their calibre, especially compared with other songs on the same record. Bar a couple of close calls with Cul-de-Sac Cliché, Kissin’ Dynamite have made a cracking third album and I wish that more young ‘uns would take this up instead of dancing in the mirror to yet another Justin Bieber video.